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What ever happened to the  Spice Girls?

Melanie  Brown

Nicknames: "Mel B" | "Scary Spice" |

Eddy Murphy's 6th Golden Child

Incredible but true - Mel B is going to give birth to Hollywood's comic actor Eddy Murphy's child. In November they are allegedly set to marry and the baby is due in April, 2007.

This spice baby is Eddy's sixth child. His ex-wife Nicole Mitchell is living in New Yersey with his other five children. In July 2005 they seperated and model Nicole filed for divorce after being married for twelve years. Murphy will pay child support for his five kids. Maybe that's also a reason Murphy wants to act in another episode of "Beverly Hills Cop."


Mel B is the most "exotic" of the girlsband. She tried to start her musical solo carreer with songs like  "Word Up" , "I Want You Back" and the/ of the album "Hot" (cover right 2002). Unfortunately the sales were not that "hot".

Fortunately Mel could spend more time with her daughter Phoenix Chi. Her daughter is the product of her 15-month marriage to dancer Jimmy Gulzar (photo left).

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Victoria  Beckham  -  Born Adams

Nickname: Posh Spice |  


The former Spice Girl and the most famous football players' wife worldwide (Football Star David Beckham) got fed up with her long hair. Everybody is speculating about the reason why she changed her look.

It is said that she needed the new Hair Style for a Fashion Show or that she hates everebody copying her long hair style. On top of that there are some Hair Professionals claiming she has bald spots in her hair and that's the reason the poor English girl cannot have long hair anymore...


Star video: Victoria Beckham tries to cross a street

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Mama Victoria

After giving birth to three boys called Brooklyn (born 1999), Romeo (born 2002, photo right) and Cruz (born 2005) the former Spice Girl is desperate to have a baby girl.

Elton John is the godfather to Brooklyn and Romeo and Liz Hurley is the godmother.

She has already a name for her future daughter: "Luna" (Spanish for moon). The unusual name reminds us of Beckham's famous penalty at the World Championship 2002 - indeed he kicked the ball direction "moon."

In 1999 Victoria married and has been in the media ever since. Before the WOrld Cup VIctoria hosted a big party and welcomed 400 guests to raise money for Unicef. (photogallery >>> Video>>>). Jeweller Jacob and Co donated a pair of diamond his and hers watches worth £600.000 and a £1,000,000 diamond necklace.

Also one of David's limited edition car Bentley worth £300,000 was auctioned. Among the guests were stars like pop icone Elton John and Liz Hurley. Music celebrity Robbie Williams and soul legend James Brown entertained the guests.

Victoria also wrote her autobiography called "Learning to fly" and she recently (October 2006) punblished her second book "That Extra Half an Inch - Hair, heels and everything in between" - her personal fashion, beauty and style book. Her publisher has already offered Victoria (born 1974) more than USD 14 million to write her second autobiography. Untill now she has been refusing because she is afraid that the only interests in her writing her second biography is details of the alleged affairs of her "sportly" husband.

Music: After flops like "Not Such An Innocent Girl" (2001) in 2003 the problably last CD called "Let Your Head Go/This Groove."

Learning to fly | That Extra Half an Inch |


Emma  Lee  Bunton

Nickname: "Baby Spice" |

At the moment Emma Lee Bunton (born 1976) is still single and is working hard on her musical solo carreer. In 2004 she released two albums like "A girl like me" (cover photo left) and "Free me." Her newest title "Life in Mono" (see cover photo right) will be released on December, 7,2006.

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Geraldine  Estelle  Halliwell 

 Nicknames: Geri | Ginger Spice | Sexy Spice |

In 1999, almost a year after her Spice Girls episode, Geri (born 1972) made her unsuccesful musical comeback and released her album "Schizophonic. In 2001 she released her second album "Scream if you wanna go faster." Her last album "Passion" was released in 2005.

In England the doglover Geri starred in a L'Oreal cosmetics television campaign to promote their cosmetics line.


In between she found the time to make two yoga DVD's (first one in 2001 together with Katy Appleton - see cover DVD left and the second in 2003 - see cover below) and wrote two books titled the continuation of it "Just for the record 2003" and biography "If only 2002."

In 2001 Geri got in the tabloids of her love affair with Robbie Williams. In May, 2006 she gave birth to her first child. Originally the girl was supposed to be named hat "Stella." In the end she called her Bluebell Madonna. Sacha Gervasi is reported to be the child's father.


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Melanie  Jane  Chisholm

Nicknames: Mel C | Sporty Spice |

The silent Mel (born 1975) is one of the biggest "vocal" talented Spice Girl and has been friends with Bryan Adams for a long time. In 2003 she hit the charts with her solo album "On the Horizon."

Recently Mel criticised the fact that the Spice Girls were not invited for the last Brit Awards. She said she expected a bit more respect. After all she and the Spice Girls has been representing England for the last ten years.

In 2005 she released her third solo album called "Beautiful Intentions" which includes her very successful single "First day of my life." Her official website announced that Mel C is working on her next album which will be released in 2007.

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Elton undresses Paris Hilton: Nude Stars only dressed with Cartier & Shoo...

"Of all people" the English pop singer Elton John (photo left) did it: Some of the most world famous "prominent women" will be "undressed" and wear only their hair style with some Cartier jewellery and designer spikes of Jimmy Shoo (photo below).

All the pictures are taken by women too, amongst others the world's best female photographer Pamela Hanson (Girls), who has been shooting for "Marie Claire", "Vogue", "GQ" , "Allure" , Emporio Armani, L'ORÉAL and Lancome.

Some of the stars that have been joining the "sexy" shootings for the spectacular charity book called "Four Inches:"

Christina Aguilera, Paris Hilton, Victoria Beckham, Geri Halliwell, Rachel Hunter, Macy Gray, Serena Williams, Iman, Kate Moss, Elle MacPherson, Sarah Ferguson and... more

Ten per cent of the proceeds from this book will go to the Elton John Aids Foundation.


Bob Geldof (initiator of "Live 8 ") wanted to reunite the Spice Girls for his last charity "Live 8 concert" together with Robbie Williams and Madonna. Mel B. couldn't make it due to other commitments in Los Angeles, but Bob also added: "Mel B has difficulty going back to something she did in the past."

Years ago the Spice Girls' ex-manager Simon Fuller tried to reunite the Spice Girls about GBP 9 million for a new World Tour. Victoria didn't need the money thanks to "Becks" monthly income. Mel B. and Emma Bunton did consider his offer. Only Mel C refused to even talk about it. She commented in an interview: "My integrity is more valuable than any amount of cash. I am proud of everything we did together but I have moved on. "

In 1993 the girls responded to an advertisement requesting five "lively girls" for a musical group in the summer of 1993.

In 2000 they released their first album "Forever". Besides that they also released a movie called "Spiceworld" - It's about the life of the Spice Girls while they are preparing themselves for their first live gig at the Royal Albert Hall.

They were one of the most succesful female groups of all time - they sold more than 53 million records worldwide. In 1998 Gerri Halliwell decided to leave the Spice Girls and in 2001 the members of the band announced their solo carreers.